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Work on the development and using of radiophysical methods in medicine were begun in the Radiophysical Research Institute (NIRFI) by V.A.Zverev with staff as far back as 60-th years. As an independent structure the division of Radiophysical Methods in Medicine had been organized in 1973 and M.T.Grekhova had became the first head of the division. In 1977 the division had been included in the newly organized Institute of Applied Physics. Since 1987 till 1999 the division was headed by V.A.Antonets and since 1999 it is headed by A.D.Mansfeld. Three labs have been organized in the division: "Laboratory of Vibrational Diagnostics", "Laboratory of Ultrasonic Diagnostics" and "Laboratory of Autowave Processes". In 2001 the last laboratory was cleaved into the self-dependent section. The division has now 20 employees including 2 D.Sc., 5 Ph.D. and 2 Ph.D. students. A series of new vibroacoustical methods to study the human body and human physiological systems are developing now within the framework of the direction "radiophysics in medicine". These are acousto-optical tomography, acousto-termometric tomography, spectral tremorography, vibrational viscoelastometry, impedance myography and others. The activities of the branch of Ecology Chair of the Biological Faculty of Nizhny Novgorod State University (NNSU) "Physics of Alive Systems and of Environment", as well as of the branch of Radiotechnique Chair of the NNSU Radiophysical Faculty "Radioelectronics in Medicine and Ecology" are ensured on the division base.