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Russian Conferences on Biomechanics

The Russian Conferences on Biomechanics (general biomechanics, medical biomechanics, sports biomechanics and biomechanical engineering) are held in Nizhny Novgorod each 2 years since 1992, according with plans of scientific events of Russian Academy of Sciences and at the financial support of Russian Foundation of Basic Research. The main organizing functions realize the RAS Scientific Council on Biomechanics and the Institute of Applied Physicists. Professor G.A.Ljubimov (Moscow) is a chairman of the organizing committee. IAP employees V.A.Antonets and N.M.Anishkina are a chairman and a member of the local organizing committee in Nizhny Novgorod. Besides, they are members of the editorial board of the Conference Abstracts Collection.
Contents of Abstracts Collection of V Conference "Biomechanics - 2000" (in Russian).
Contents of Abstracts Collection of VI Conference "Biomechanics - 2002" (in Russian).

Seminar Physics and radioelectronics in medicine and ecology

Seminar Physics and radioelectronics in medicine and ecology, working since 1973, had been organized by professor M.T.Grekhova as Nizhny Novgorod city seminar, but quickly had exceeded this frames: the specialists from many cities of Russia and former USSR had taken part in the work of this seminar. For the years passed, 222 seminar meetings have been held. Within the framework of the seminar some conferences were held on the most vital problems. On the results of these conferences the thematic ollections of scientific works and thematic issues of journals "Radiophysics", "Neurocomputer" and "Neurophysiology" were published.
The scientific management and the organizing work were performed by M.T.Grekhova, and from 1993 by V.A.Antonets, as well as by an assistant of seminar head and by a scientific secretary of seminar, the work of which in different years was performed by NIRFI (IAP RAS) employees: I.I.Shmelev, V.P.Gorbachev, N.M.Anishkina, G.A.Selezneva.