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The first important results in frames of using the radiophysical methods in medicine were a development of empirical classification of spectra of the human body low-frequency fluctuations under the action of heart contractions, i.e. of ballistocardiogramms spectra (V.A.Zverev, K.V.Zvereva, I.K.Spiridonova), and of heart sounds spectra, i.e. of phonocardiogramms spectra (V.A.Zverev, Ya.G.Ljubavin), as well as the velocity measurement of electrical pulses propagation in the bunches of nervous filaments, based on correlation method of noise processes analysis (A.V.Zeveke).
Already from the 70-th medium the IAP work in the field of radiophysical methods in medicine were concentrated, basically, on the development of ultrasonic location methods to study the structure and movements of heart, vessels, blood and tissues (I.I.Shmelev, A.D.Mansfeld), on the quantitative studies of vibroacoustical activity in cardiovascular and in locomotive systems (N.M.Anishkina, V.A.Antonets), as well as on the modeling of oscillatory, wave and autowave processes in vessels, nervous and muscle tissues (V.G.Yakhno, V.A.Antonets, B.N.Klochkov, E.M.Timanin, L.A.Rozenblum).
At present the division of Radiphysical Methods in Medicine leads the following directions of work.
Low-frequency vibroacoustical methods to study biological systems.
Studies of the human senso-motor scope are led here on the base of studies of limbs tremor (V.A.Antonets, N.M.Anishkina) as well as studies of the mechano-acoustical parameters of biological soft tissues and of their forming mechanisms (V.V.Kazakov, B.N.Klochkov, A.V.Sokolov, E.M.Timanin), studies of acoustical emission of contracting muscles (V.A.Antonets, B.N.Klochkov) and some other work.
Ultrasonic methods to study biological systems.
The development of methods of acousto-optical ant acousto-termometric tomography is led here (A.D.Mansfeld, A.M.Reyman, A.G.Kirillov, E.V.Krotov), as well as the development of methods to measure the viscosity of small doses of biological fluids (A.G.Sanin) and the design of principles of ultrasonic measuring systems (A.V.Shishkov, S.Yu.Ksenophontov).
Application of vibroacoustical methods for solving some physical and technical problems.
The development of methods of nonlinear vibroacoustical diagnostics of cracklike defects in rods and plates (V.V.Kazakov) is led here, as well as the development of tools to measure and to manage parameters of pulsed chemical reactors (A.D.Mansfeld, A.M.Reyman), the use of analysis methods of dynamics of active systems for the technical diagnostics (technical vision, artificial sensor channels, man-machine interfaces) and for biotechnology (V.G.Yakhno, V.A.Antonets) and development of linear reconstructive systems of nondestructive testing (A.M.Reyman, A.V.Shishkov).