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Myoviscoelastometer (MVEM) is a PC-based device for nondestructive evaluation of viscoelastic characteristics of the near-surface muscles of the human body. The MVEM consists of a specialized tiny gauge to measure complex stiffness (mechanical impedance), an interface card for a standard ISA slot on an IBM compatible PC and special MS DOS software.
The system provides:
- A plot on the PC display of the time variation of viscoelastic parameters of soft tissues: the normalized real (E) and imaginary (V) parts of tissue complex stiffness, its module (M) with time resolving power of 0.1 s;
Single-point measurements of viscoelastic characteristics in any chosen moment: E and M in the range of 0.1-100 kPa with accuracy of 0.1 kPa, V in the range of 0.8-800 Pa*s with accuracy of 0.8 Pa*s;
Measurement of average values and standard deviations of viscoelastic characteristics in the chosen time interval;
Secondary indices describing the variation of viscoelastic characteristics in any two moments;
A clinical report of the results;
A hardcopy of the time curves on a standard printer;
A patient-oriented database.