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One of the possible directions in application of the impedance myography may be the registration of the result of loading tests during investigation of the functional state of various sections of locomotive system. As an example of such experiments we can consider the registration of response of m. gastrochnemius on the loading and disloading performed with the group of professional sportsmen of different specialties. The record of elastic (E) and viscous (V) muscular parameters was performed by computer-based "Myoviscoelastometer". Figure below shows an example of such loading test. The gauge was put on the muscle when the foot was unloaded. Subsequently loads from 1 up to 7 kg were applied to the foot and then removed. One can see that when the load is applied, the muscle is stressed (the more the higher is the load). When the load is removed, the muscle relaxes, up to an initial point. After the load exceeds 3 kg the muscle doesn't do this completely, apparently owing to its fatigue. Studies like this in individuals with various sport specialties revealed differences in the dynamics of reaction to load, depending on which muscles they predominantly used in their sport.