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Vibrational viscoelastometer
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Mechanical impedance
Radiophysics in medicine

Viscoelastomyograph (VEM) is an advanced computer-based device for time dynamics registration of viscoelastic characteristics of the surface soft tissues of human body, through their mechanical impedance measurement. VEM uses a new gauge of mechanical impedance and a new algorithm of signals processing. The VEM managing program works in Windows 95/98.
Complex provides the following features:
- time resolving power: 10, 40 or 1280 spots at a second;
- opportunity of continuous monitoring;
- continuous record duration for save is 4000, 1000 or 30 seconds, corresponding to the time resolving power;
- synchronous record of an additional signal;
- absolute calibration of measurements;
- save of records in text and in binary formats and their reading;
- save of window view in a graphic format;
- opportunity of measurements of instant values, of relative values in two spots, of average values and dispersions in a chosen time interval;
- opportunity of accumulation of measurement results in the text file;
- opportunity of editing the records;
- opportunity of data pass to other applications through the clipboard.