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Vibrational Viscoelastometer (VVEM-03) is a portable device for nondestructive evaluation of the surface soft tissues of human body, including muscles. The VVEM-03 consists of a specialized tiny gauge to measure complex stiffness (mechanical impedance) and an electronic circuit for signals processing. The measured "elasticity" and "loses" of tissues are outputted on the digital indicator and on the analogous outputs for their records (in particular, by computer).
The VVEM-03 dignities are:
- measurement of physically clear values and exact calibration;
- opportunity of measurements by indentors of various diameters;
- opportunity of a weak but definite indentor pressure on a tissue;
- opportunity of operative testing of various regions of the object under investigation by means of sensor, basing in the operator hand;
- opportunity of objective external registration of measured values.